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It's official, we're in print!

For those of you that subscribe to 2Wheel Tuner Magazine, you may have seen some of our advertisements. Well, the good folks at 2WT finally decided it was time we got our chance!

Turn to page 73 of the December issue to check us out!

Note: 2WheelTuner Magazine and are two seperate entities. This site is the official forum for the magazine, but questions regarding magazine topics, stories and subscriptions should be directed toward 2WheelTuner Magazine and not this site, please visit: :cheers:

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itgirl25 said:
that's awesome! my fave forum in my fave magazine. does it get any better than this?
yep like jk said your bike is in a mag! Dude its awesome to know that we are all members of a well respected forum. and for that, I can sum it up in one smiley... :twfrox:
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