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jetting after adding exhaust???

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I'm wondering if anyone has replaced their exhaust with an aftermarket unit with out needing to change jets,specifically on an 98' to 02' ZX6R.I just ordered an FMF pipe,I'm hoping that with the stock air filter I'll be allright.I am going to call the company and ask the techs,maybe even hook an gas analyzer to it...but thought I'd ask you fine folks first!
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Right right,what I ordered was just a "bolt-on",the mid-pipe on this bike(zzr600)has what they call a "pre-catalizer";I'd guess a form of a converter that,when you look inside the pipe it looks like its lined with a mesh screen,I'm goin to call the company soon,just lookin for the sound for right now,I really don't have the coin for every thing know that list of goodies gets purdy long!The pipe should get here today... :yesnod:
No pics yet,didn't get here yet...but i"ll put some when i get it installed,got the bronze colored titanium powercore from FMF,bronze should look cool with the bike being blue,silver frame and rims and bronze accessories like the rotor webs...different from what most others go with i think,you may be right about some reccomendations coming with the can,I called the company but the techs couldn't tell me anything!? We'll see..No biggie if it needs to be done I'll take care of it
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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