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Joey dunlops nephew needs your support !

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The late joey dunlops nephew is following in the family tradition of road racing,please visit his website and pledge your support.

many thanks, john :cheers:
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Hi all,
i take on board your comments about sponsorhip and if he is that good
sponsors will come to him,but he is just starting out in road racing
and it is not the same as short circuit,with the family history you
can be sure he is bieng watched by the right people,however untill
he gets sponsorship,money is tight,road racing is expensive
just the tyres alone for this season are £1000.00 a meeting,with fifteen
meetings thats a lot of money.I am not asking anyone for money,
only pledge your support,even if this is just an e mail wishing him
good luck,he is working towards the isle of man tt races but has to
take part in other races before he will be allowed to compete.
this season he has secured a 600,but with a stock engine due to lack
of funding,it should be interesting if he still beats the opposition.
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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