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ScottSellersUNR said:
Just for referecne from someone in law enforcemnet, Crown vics police use are dead stock. The engine in em is ok for about 125-145 mph...depending on where they are driven, but the suspension is what makes em a peice of crap, they are nothing more then a freeway granny car. When it comes time to turn, I'd rather have a Civic for a in town persuit.
I'm sorry but this completely wrong. My father in law is a liscensed police, fire truck, ambulance mechanic.

First off, they have different intakes, throttle body and mass air flow sensor. They also have a dual exhaust setup. I believe they also have different hoods and trunk lids!

They are governed at 135 and the Tahoe/SUV's are govt at 95! This info is also backed up by my 2 uncles in being a sergant!

Besides, it's not the car you should's the radio/police CB!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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