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July 19th - Ride to Work Day

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little early for this isn't it?:lol: :twfrox:
:iagree: Wont be much longer and I will start my 65 mile lope to work.:D
Same here.... My job is relocating and my commute will be 70 miles (round trip) per day.
:sorry: to hear that. My work starts and finishes just a short walk from my front door. My 65 mile loop is just for fun.:D
I can honestly say that about 40 miles one way is the longest I have ever commuted. A whole hour one way. That sucks. To many variable like weather to ride that far every day for me.
It sucks getting to work after being caught in a freak storm.:cursin:
Also, the wifey is getting a new car this summer so I'll get my 01 Taurus back for commuting.
The Tortes has to way better for commuting any way.
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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