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Just for kicks.

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OK let's say you were looking for a 600cc sportbike and you happened to notice a '04 R6 for sale. It has a GYT-R slip-on, power commander, K&N, mini markers, solo cowl, fresh tires, eliminator kit, Puig windscreen, SS front lines, tank pad, custom exhaust hanger. Let's say it's real clean, only has minor chips from rocks. Let's also say it had 14K miles. What would be a price you would pay for this? The reason i ask is because i'm thinking about selling my bike and don't know where to price it. i was thinking around 5,500. Whatcha think? Here's a photo of it.
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Seeing that most places won't let you take the mods into consideration...

NADA says


November 8, 2005

Low Retail Average Retail
Base Price $4,650 $6,115
Exhaust-High Performance (Street):
$140 $165

TOTAL PRICE $4,790 $6,280
So I would say...put it up for a bit more. Maybe up for $6250 or so...

Plus check Cycle Trader and see what they are going for on there.
Thanks G Man.
Glad I could help!
jeeps84 said:
5G's shipped?
Is that a offer from you?
That's a tuff list there DL!
It might help get thru the day... kinda like me dreaming for Spring time and a new bike in the garage!
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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