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Just for kicks.

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OK let's say you were looking for a 600cc sportbike and you happened to notice a '04 R6 for sale. It has a GYT-R slip-on, power commander, K&N, mini markers, solo cowl, fresh tires, eliminator kit, Puig windscreen, SS front lines, tank pad, custom exhaust hanger. Let's say it's real clean, only has minor chips from rocks. Let's also say it had 14K miles. What would be a price you would pay for this? The reason i ask is because i'm thinking about selling my bike and don't know where to price it. i was thinking around 5,500. Whatcha think? Here's a photo of it.
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snadamo said:
yep every market is different. AZ is for some reason higher than most markets. If Vegas is the same way, you could add a few $$$ more to your price.

Got tired of the R6 already DLIT?!?
It's a little slow for me now. I'm not really sick of it but i want to upgrade.
jeeps84 said:
5G's shipped?
I'd have to get deployed and put like 3-4K on it before I sell it. This is so I won't be upside down. Thanks for the offer but I don't think so. That's too little an offer. i could get 6K easy out here.
ScottSellersUNR said:
he was gonna ask 5,500, that was jeeps that said 5K... so yeah is that a offer?

I'd think thats a smoken deal, but dont think DT would do it, he could sell it overnight in LV for 5K, and not have to pay for shipping. I'd say with it haivng all your extras ask 6,500$ obo in LV, that way when thye talk ya down u can get the 5,500 from it.

What do u still owe?

not to hijack, but im bout to make a big payment on my bike and not be upside down for the first time gonna be nice to only owe 1/3 of whatthe bike is worth.....Puts a new ZX10R closer to my reach then i planned.
I still owe like 8,500. See previous post.
ScottSellersUNR said:
D- So if i make it to LV this spring finally u gonna be aboard a R1? or what else u looking at stepping into?
I'm def looking for a 1K. I wish Yammie still produced the R7 but oh well. The list from most wanted to least is as follows: R1, ZX10R, GSXR 1000, and I will never ever buy a Honda. So just those three. I couldn't afford any Ital bikes so I just put Jap bikes cuz they're within my wallets reach. I still got to pay a bunch off the R6. So chances are in spring I will have the r6 still.
Gas Man said:
That's a tuff list there DL!
A man can dream!
Gas Man said:
It might help get thru the day... kinda like me dreaming for Spring time and a new bike in the garage!
Now that's a dream come true!
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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