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Matt told me about this board, so I thought I'd stop by, register, and say hello... :)

I'm a track day addict, though I haven't been been on the track in MONTHS :cursin:, a gear nazi, and a vocal hater of squids.

Currently I ride an '04 Tuono, a '99 GSX-R600 (my track whore), and an '05 XR650L (giving the dark side a try). I also have a '78 GS550E that's going up for sale. (It's got a few carb demons I can't find the time to work out...)

Being an IT consultant pays the bills. I live north of Baltimore. I have a fiancee who also rides ('98 CBR600F3 Smokin' Joe).

Glad to be here!
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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