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just sold teh stang :cry:

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some guy just called me and wanted to look at my stang (totally caught me off guard). i was like wtf i thought i took down all the for sale ads. i guess not. but i thought whats it gonna hurt to let him look. he said he didnt want to go back to ogden to buy this other mustang cause he lives in kerns. so he said he wanted mine. 5200$ baby. now i need a car anyone got ideas???
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Gas Man said:
Yeah lease something... that way if you don't like it or whatever, you get a new one in 2-3 years!
i dont think so
Earlzach said:
Dont cry, We wont tell anyone you owned a Mustang. :yikes:
thanks :leaving:
Gas Man said:
Why? I lease all my vechicles now... I find it way better than purchase!
because i dont make enough money to lease a car :bonk:
im actually thinking about getting an old fox body mustang and pay it off that is why i dont want to lease anything
zx636r said:
ah ha now we are thinking smart.
lol :cheers: im not a huge fan of the body style but they are easy to get parts for, they are cheap, i can make it look really nice and best of all its a v8 baby :drool:
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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