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just sold teh stang :cry:

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some guy just called me and wanted to look at my stang (totally caught me off guard). i was like wtf i thought i took down all the for sale ads. i guess not. but i thought whats it gonna hurt to let him look. he said he didnt want to go back to ogden to buy this other mustang cause he lives in kerns. so he said he wanted mine. 5200$ baby. now i need a car anyone got ideas???
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bumblebee said:
And I suppose you "lease" or rent your house? why would you make payments on something that builds someone else's equity? :scratch:

Today's new automobiles are such a poor investment to begin with, why would you want to make payments for 2 to 3 years, and then give the car back after you have spent thousands of dollars? If you want a new car, trade yours in every 2 or 3 years. M traded her Saturn for a new one this month and she didn't spend a dime out of her pocket, and she lowered her payment 75 cents a month.

Houses build equity, vehicles do not. Wether you lease or buy it your not going to make money on it when your done (usually). Leases are good for those that stay within the mileage etc. Buyting a car and trading it in every few years your definately loosing money on. But if you buy American you pretty much have to trade in and get a new one every 2-3 years because for the most part thats when they crap out anyways.
Gas Man said:
Plus, I figure if i keep buying cars, it supports the rest of the economy. Especially in Michigan! it suports the auto suppliers, the truck drivers that haul the car and all the parts to the factory, the auto workers keep their jobs and spend their money EVERYWHERE else and so on...

With the manufacturers doing 0% financing why would someone go out and purchase a used vehicle in which they usually get a loan from the bank which is definately not 0%.

Does not matter if you purchase or lease, with American auto makers moving operations over to Asia etc, and the Foreign (Domestic Imports) bringing their facilities into the US, its all a$$ backwards.
SImple fact, cars are just a huge waste of money. But we all drive em, and buy em and most usually want all the bling and gagets. Otherwise we would all be driving those euro "smart" cars which are like $6K
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