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just sold teh stang :cry:

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some guy just called me and wanted to look at my stang (totally caught me off guard). i was like wtf i thought i took down all the for sale ads. i guess not. but i thought whats it gonna hurt to let him look. he said he didnt want to go back to ogden to buy this other mustang cause he lives in kerns. so he said he wanted mine. 5200$ baby. now i need a car anyone got ideas???
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SperosSV650 said:
because i dont make enough money to lease a car :bonk:
Lease payments aren't any higher than regular payments. Some times less.

If you can stay within the terms of the lease, they can be great. If not, they can be expensive at the end.
Gas Man said:
Houses and cars are WAY different.... cars loose money where as houses gain money.

Prime example, purchased a new Saturn in 2002. Wife drove it for nearly 3 years. Still owed money on it. Low milage, factory warrenty for 2 more years...great condition. Tried to sell it and got nothing, ended up trading it in to break even. Where did I win? I didn't. It would have been the same thing if I would have leased it. I had it for 3 years and less than 36K milage.

Selling used vechicles sucks.... its just a pain the arse. Everybody wants to low ball you ad not pay what the thing is worth. I hate it. Plus this way, I get a new car every 2-3 years, never have that bad time when you are still paying on a car and it doesn't have a warrenty. Never have to buy tires, or do anything major out of pocket. Plus that way, if you end up not liking the car you don't have to put up with it for too long.

Plus, I figure if i keep buying cars, it supports the rest of the economy. Especially in Michigan! it suports the auto suppliers, the truck drivers that haul the car and all the parts to the factory, the auto workers keep their jobs and spend their money EVERYWHERE else and so on...
That's one way to look at it. Keep everybody happy. :dthumb:
SperosSV650 said:
lol :cheers: im not a huge fan of the body style but they are easy to get parts for, they are cheap, i can make it look really nice and best of all its a v8 baby :drool:
5.0 :drool:
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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