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Sweet ride. My friend and I were talking to our local shop owner, who is known for his dry humor, about the K-bike. My friend asked how it rides. His simple reply was, "well, you're leaned over, so there's pressure on your shoulders. When you twist your wrist, the pressure is gone." :smilelol:

Later in the week, I needed to drop off my F650 for service, so I met my wife and 19-month old son there. (See avatar.) You would have thought he was at Disneyland and insisted on sitting on all of the bikes. I put him on a K12 and said, "Collin, can you say 'K-bike'?" My wife snapped, "if he says 'K-bike' before he says 'Mommy', I'm goning to be pissed." :thumbs: :smilelol:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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