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Kahuna calls it quits?

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Let's face it, I'm getting older and I think it's time to grow up a bit and look at the big picture. I realized recently that family and friends are more important than any childish infatuation I have with motorcycles.

Today I sold my bike, and my remaining gear will be up on eBay within the week. I'll post a link to my auctions as soon as they go live so my good friends here will have first shot.

Thanks everyone for being my other family for all these years, but I think now it's time to retreat the the comfort of my real family.

Best wishes to all!
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Sport bikes childish? Definitely. I think riding motorcycles helps keep me young and in shape. I'll be 55 this month and riding has been my sport since 1971. Friends my age that don't have bikes are much more "mature" than me. If they do any sport at all, it's golf or bowling. Sports you can do with a beer. And cruiser riders my age seem to always have their bikes parked in front of bars. Dangerous? Yes, but isn't anything that is thrilling also dangerous?

I don't have any friends who ride, so I too come to TWF for the camaraderie. Luckily, my wife supports my sport of riding, but I try and balance riding and family. I'll probably have to hang up my leathers some day too, but I hope it doesn't come for a long time. Good luck in your next endeavor.
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