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Kahuna calls it quits?

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Let's face it, I'm getting older and I think it's time to grow up a bit and look at the big picture. I realized recently that family and friends are more important than any childish infatuation I have with motorcycles.

Today I sold my bike, and my remaining gear will be up on eBay within the week. I'll post a link to my auctions as soon as they go live so my good friends here will have first shot.

Thanks everyone for being my other family for all these years, but I think now it's time to retreat the the comfort of my real family.

Best wishes to all!
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JK_DILLA said:
april right?
Yeah no crap!! Is this the hook?

Well if not... I think No worries said alot!!!

Good Luck!!
I knew it!!! Imagine that!!! You and I pullin April Fool's jokes on TWF!!! But I beat you to the punch... :sorry: 'bout that!!!

Glad to hear you aren't ditchin' da game!!
What's up with the sold sign on your bike in your garage????
OK... you went all out!! :lol:

What's up with the Amsoil in the corner.... some part of advertisement/sponsor or somin???
jeeps84 said:
What are you going to tell? :lol:
Yeah tell us!!!
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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