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Was fetured in the Aprils issue of 2 Wheel Tuner on the cover and 6 full pages of the green machine

Thats all i want to post im to sad to go threw with the rest.

-Stock 1300 cc Hayabusa bored out to 1363 cc by Millennium Technologies
[email protected] custom Turbo Pistons, Carillo Rods, Stock Crank has been lightened and balanced
-Head is a mild port with stock size stainless intake and exhaust valves, Titanium retainers
-Kibblewhite valve springs,Custom NLR turbo grind Web camshafts,
-Yoshimura Adj cam sprockets,MTC Billet inner hub,MTC Multistage lockup,
-Heavy duty billet output shaft,Schnitz racing Billet Shift Fork Shafts upper and lower
-Fast by Gast cut tranny
-Kick Stand Racing Billet Clutch Cable conversion,
-Kick Stand Racing Billet Quick Access clutch cover
-DiamondMotorsports Billet low profile oil pan
-Custom Billet oil block off plates
-Motorhead Custom Heavy duty head studs hold it all together
-Turbo System NLR Race System
-Generation 01
-Stainless header
-Stainless dump pipe and waste gate dump that i redid for a more unique look
-Custom swayed big volume inter cooler
-Custom made plenum with built in fuel rail
-4 fuel injectors mounted in plenum that i upgraded from the stock kit
-Mcxpress fuel injection controller which i thrashed and put on a Micro tech 100 x better now
-Triple K K27 race turbo *competition prepped*
-HKS super sequential blow off valve
-HKS dual port 40mm waste gate
-.080 Base spacer
-Fuel pump i upgraded you have to run 2 with this kit and [email protected] billet filters -It breathes threw a Green air filter
-Frame has been Raked 5 Degrees
-NLR Race prepped re valved rear Shock ,NLR Race cut Front forks
-Spencercycle top lowering clamp,Schnitz racing fully adjustable rear lowering links
-Trac 8 over chromoly Swing arm under braced by Terry McIntosh
-Marvic magnesium rear Rim,With a Micky Thomson 7 inch Slick with 3 passes
-Marchesini magnesium front Rim,With a Dunlap 208 120/60 smaller then stock so it doesn't hit my inter cooler and also lowers the bike a half of a inch
-Stainlesssteal brake lines,Chain is a EK ZVX,
-MSBC-1 Multi-Stage Electronic Boost Controller, NLR Systems 2-Step with -Ignition Kill
-Dyna Sift minder,AutoMeter blue shift lite,AutoMeter C2 electric Boost gauge and A/F meter,
Ward Performance Kill tether,Custom Indaglo gauges made by Tyrone and I,Custom 5mm LED Brake light Made by ICEMAN
Body Work
-Catalyst Racing Composites Fiber glass upper With Shaved air ducts and shaved turn signals,Slammed front fender fits only 60 series tire And Carbon Fiber Tank,
-Airtech 8 over tail section With molded custom Led ,Custom Seat made by Tobin,
-Stainless steal bar ends,MPS air shifter with custom billet bracket ,Co2 set up that runs my MSBC1 and Air shifter with special regulators ,Billet mirror covers,Tiger Racing chrome dash cover,
-Tuned by the Master himself Dennis AKA MotorHead

Btw iv owned this bike since mile 13


My email is [email protected] for Questions
if you would like more information:
-Body Work-
-Turbo system -
-Tuner's home site Dennis AKA MotorHead -
-Dash cover -

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:yikes: You are selling the Suz green beast!

We can all tell or remember how much of a beast it is! Howcome you're selling it?

And :luck: with the sale! Are you going to post the price?

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WOW...Hell of a bike and I know you have to be sad to see it go when it does. Best of luck and I know you are looking for more then $25grand...but what all did you put into it? Money wise?

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GSXR750DJ said:
WOW...Hell of a bike and I know you have to be sad to see it go when it does. Best of luck and I know you are looking for more then $25grand...but what all did you put into it? Money wise?
How much was your house? That might get close. :crazy:
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