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So went to the local stealer and but a offer on a 2003 Kat 600, its got 1500 miles and not one scratch on it, not a damn thing that wrong with it, well, they came back with 4853.95 out the door, so what do you think? PS its yellow and bone stock:cheers:
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How is your cat with your new job? Is it getting lonely?
Need4Speed said:
Yeah she's been in the garage all covered up and sad since christmas :cry: :help: :disapp: I miss her terribly, every time I walk by I can just hear Gigi crying out to me.. Matt come ride me, Comon Matt, you know you want to ! :leaving:

Gas says that what CDJ says to him. j/k :lol:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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