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So went to the local stealer and but a offer on a 2003 Kat 600, its got 1500 miles and not one scratch on it, not a damn thing that wrong with it, well, they came back with 4853.95 out the door, so what do you think? PS its yellow and bone stock:cheers:
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I just sent ya back a PM drewpy.. lemme know if I can be any more help.
drewpy..ill pm you my phone number..if u have any questions about it just gimme a call.
Yep its a secret that your chopper riding arse isnt worthy of hearing so ur defecting to the dark side :redevil:

but anyways, basically a brand new bike, showroom condition, low miles.. normally close to 7000.00 out the door brand a bike thats essentially 3 years old, most of the depreciation has been done already. I'd probably try and talk down to maybe 4300.00 out the door, or atleast throw in some credits towards new gear maybe.. but he's getting a good price for it overall yes.
Well I had to make u work for it ya..just cuz ur the post whore beast these days doesnt mean the original old dog doesnt still have a few tricks up his sleeve :lol:
jeeps84 said:
How is your cat with your new job? Is it getting lonely?
Yeah she's been in the garage all covered up and sad since christmas :cry: :help: :disapp: I miss her terribly, every time I walk by I can just hear Gigi crying out to me.. Matt come ride me, Comon Matt, you know you want to ! :leaving:

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1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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