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Katana 600 vs. GS500F

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Yes people. I'm still browsing for my first bike. :readng: I want a good beginners bike and I've been reading on and test riding all kinds of bikes that are 600cc and less. I've ridden a cbr1000 and without a doubt I'm not ready for a full liter bike. Maybe down the line after I get more experience. I've ridden an older 90's Katana and I really liked it. I don't know much about the newer Kats and can't seem to find good sources of information on them which is why I'm turning to TWF. I know there's a model below the Katana 600, the GS500F. If anyone can give their opinions on these two models it would be greatly appreciated.
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My Bandit 600 shares the motor and drivetrain of the Kat 600. It has kept me entertained for 3 years now. I had some experience before I bought it. After you get some time under your belt, a pipe and jet kit will really wake up the motor and you'll have some new found power to play with without spending alot of money for another machine. Bikes like these are really comfortable to ride and have decent wind protection too. Your Supersport buddies will be begging you to trade bikes on the ride home from a long day. Good luck. :cheers:
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