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Katana 600 vs. GS500F

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Yes people. I'm still browsing for my first bike. :readng: I want a good beginners bike and I've been reading on and test riding all kinds of bikes that are 600cc and less. I've ridden a cbr1000 and without a doubt I'm not ready for a full liter bike. Maybe down the line after I get more experience. I've ridden an older 90's Katana and I really liked it. I don't know much about the newer Kats and can't seem to find good sources of information on them which is why I'm turning to TWF. I know there's a model below the Katana 600, the GS500F. If anyone can give their opinions on these two models it would be greatly appreciated.
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My main reason for considering the GS500F is due to the fact that it's cheap. :wink:
Earlzach said:
Do you have your eye on a GS 500 right now or was it just something you thought you would look for.
I would say any of the 500s would suit you nice. Such as the EX-ninja 500 they can be picked up real cheap every where and will last you for years. If necessary. :2cents:

But there is certainly nothing wrong IMO with the GS 500 if you got your eye on eone and the price is right I say go for it. Just be sure to get pics posted we all like to look at bikes too. Not just talk about em'! lol
I have my eyes on the Katana 600. I was only considering the GS model because of the attractive price tag. I learned how to ride on 600cc bikes (Ninja and Cbr) and have been riding for almost half a year now. Enough experience to say that my feet are wet. I really don't want to go any lower than 600cc's since I'm already familiar with bikes in that class, except for the newer Katanas. When I looked at the Katana the salesman said it's a great bike but didn't really get into how the ride felt. I've read some opinions about how it's twitchy like the GSX-R 600 but I've never ridden on a GSX-R so I can't really say.
I rode a friend's bike on a long trip last night (180ish miles round trip). It was a 04 Ninja 500r. I was skeptical at first due to the fact its a smaller dsplacement bike from what I'm used to but it's damn good. I was really surprised with the power. After 6 grand the bike comes to life. Accelerates well and it's not scary at all. On the mountain roads I road on midway through my trip I noticed how well the bike performed around bends and sharp turns. The handling was very predictable. Myself being a new rider, it was very much appreciated. I live in the Antelope Valley here in California and 80% of the time high winds are present (You all should feel the body roll in my New Beetle when the wind blows :nonod: ). When the wind blew at first I wasn't taken by surprise. The bike feels very light yet it didn't feel like I was being pushed. What little pressure I felt was cured when I leaned in more. At highway speeds the bike is very stable and comfortable. My legs and booty were fine, I didn't feel achy at all after my trip. My point is that last night I had a very enlightening experience. My hopes are very high for the Suzuki GS500f. I'll be swinging by a few local dealership this week. Hopefully within my next few posts one of which will be pictures of my new ride. :dthumb: By the way thanks for the information guys you've been a great help. :twfrox:
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