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Katana 600 vs. GS500F

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Yes people. I'm still browsing for my first bike. :readng: I want a good beginners bike and I've been reading on and test riding all kinds of bikes that are 600cc and less. I've ridden a cbr1000 and without a doubt I'm not ready for a full liter bike. Maybe down the line after I get more experience. I've ridden an older 90's Katana and I really liked it. I don't know much about the newer Kats and can't seem to find good sources of information on them which is why I'm turning to TWF. I know there's a model below the Katana 600, the GS500F. If anyone can give their opinions on these two models it would be greatly appreciated.
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Go with the Kat 600. The GS500 is a real dog, you will get so board with this bike after a few months...the kat would be an excellent bike that will last.
Earlzach said:
For any one else that reads these posts the 500 and 600 should not even be in the same catagory as a begginer bike, I still feel the 600cc would make a good begginer for some but my point is the night and day power between most 500's and 600cc bikes. It is way more than just looking at the number and thinking "whats 100cc's"? It can be a lot if you choose the right 600. The 500 to me are for the I have never riden anything larger thatn a moped beginner and a persone with some offroad or shifting back ground could get away with starting on a 600cc bike.
Like I said this goes out to anyone else with the same questions that might be viewing these threads without posting. Dont fall victom to a more powerfull 600cc bike if your not ready. :2cents:
:iagree: +1
that it is.. try and test ride both of them, or atleast sit on both of them to see how it feels. Always remember you get what ya pay for.
Curve said:
I have my eyes on the Katana 600. I was only considering the GS model because of the attractive price tag. I learned how to ride on 600cc bikes (Ninja and Cbr) and have been riding for almost half a year now. Enough experience to say that my feet are wet. I really don't want to go any lower than 600cc's since I'm already familiar with bikes in that class, except for the newer Katanas. When I looked at the Katana the salesman said it's a great bike but didn't really get into how the ride felt. I've read some opinions about how it's twitchy like the GSX-R 600 but I've never ridden on a GSX-R so I can't really say.
any 03 and up supersport 600 is really "ballsy" i.e. CBR600, R6, GSXR, ZX6(36)....the Kat would do ya good, especially if you have "some" experience. :2cents:
:dthumb: glad to hear you found a bike you like that fits your needs. You should be able to swing a decient deal on a GS500f since that bike is a lower displacement bike, and not considered a "high demand" bike like a GSXR, R6, or R1. :luck: with your findings!
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