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“Can you tell me anything about Kawasaki’s 2006 lineup?”, I asked Kawasaki rep Tim Moss at this year’s SportBike West event.
“I can’t say anything until the embargo is off.” I hand Tim a card and tell him to call me as soon as the news can be run. Then Tim’s eyes slide across the parking lot of bikes and his gaze lands on a pristine lapis blue CBR1100XX Blackbird.
“That… is toast.” Tim says with a certain relish.

The thing is, if Kawasaki is indeed building a Blackbird killer (rumored to be the ZZR-1300 merging the current ZX-12R and ZZR-1200), then they’ve come to the party a little late. The Blackbird itself finished its production run in 2004, with 2005 being used to sell out overstock from the previous year’s production.

Meanwhile, a host of bikes such as BMW’s K1200S, and even the now- aging FJR1300, have seriously raised the bar of what a gentleman’s express should be. In many ways these offerings outstrip the CBR1100XX handily from power, handling potential and comfort perspectives. Even the near mythical stomp of the Hyabusa has been outstripped by true sportbikes, such as the GSX-R 1000, and is slated for update.

One hopes for mean green, that they’ve got the map to the “after party”, because club Blackbird’s now closed and everyone’s moved on.

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What's the point?
The Black Bird is already dead.
How much faster will the man let us go?
He has already got the manufactures to limit the top speed with out being asked to do so.

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oh, the KTM's are soooooo sweet. I need a napkin...
I keep looking into the local KTM shop but the only street bikes are the SMC's and Adventures. Excellent bikes in thier own. I have not seen a previous model single cyl Duke in about a year or so.
This is interesting though:
They have a factory hooligan video for the 990.
If you need more of a moto style bike then:

This would be a cool bike to hammer the twisties on, I wonder when we will see it?
2004 KTM RC8 Concept Bike

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The ZX-14 will still be limited on top speed but it will be an all around great bike with some insane acceleration numbers. It feels about as big as a ZX-11/ZZR1200 but lighter and with about 50% more power.

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