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Kenny Bell Cobra vs 2 1000's and one 750

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Hope you enjoy :cheers:
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Gixxernhemi...dont forget the the avg 600 only makes 100-105hp and cost alot less.

I got a 600 that I would put up on 500hp car(for cash or car). Dont even let me use my 750 or 1000...:lol:
GixxerNHemi said:
people always come back with the fact that a bike costs less. forget cost. remember than that a bike is 10-12k for an engine with 2 wheels and an uncomfortable riding position.

I may not be able to take on your 750 or 1000 with the cobra.....but my buddies Z06 like i mentioned above probably would give you a run for your money!!!!

I got money on my 600 lighten your Cobra up and the Z06 would only see the patch on the back of leathers that reads"Smarta$$ whiteboy".

Yeah he probley whouldnt eve have time to see that....:lol:

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Gas Man said:
GnH... I can understand that POV! But you allow me to tell you about Twisty... I can sum it up easily... Budget Racer. He wants to go faster than you for as little money as he can!

But I agree I would much rather be sittin in a $150K Ferrari than on a 10R say. Plain and simple. There is more of a status and cool/money factor played out in that car over the bike.

See I rather have bad a$$ bike (My gixxer) to a ferrari. Im not sure why, but to me a bike is way cooler than car.
Well along with being a ok rider, I also graduaded with a Science degree. That means I took alot of math classes.

The power to weight ratio of the 750 avg's out to you needing around 700rwhp car to beat my 750 your gonna need and 850rwhp to beat my 1000.

My 600 is just little ol'race bike. 0-100 in 2.9 secs. From a dead you'll be wishing for a few more ponies....

My spelling sucks :h16:
GixxerNHemi said:
I could care less if I had a 100k car if I could have a 50k car with some work done that could beat the hell outa the 100k car. Symbol means nothing to me for the most part....performance does...all the way.
This is so true...To hell with the way it looks, how fast is it.
Im pretty sure that is what dyno said 0-100 in under 3 but Ill check it again. Thats with the lower gearing for racing and some other stuff. I didnt really have problem beating a few other 1000s @ the strip. After about a 150 it falls on it face like most 600's do.
Yeah he could meet us in Deal's Gap. We go there every year. Someone was going to race me last year but b!tched out.

1st beer is on me....
Its quite clear you don't know much about bikes. My 600 can hit well over 160.
Yeah 600 can 0-100 in 3.2sec stock! The top speed for the 600rr stock is 168 with US "speed limited" attached.

Now to my bike. No speed limiter, Performance cartage trans, and mild engine tuning.

Bring it newbie!
Ok well 1st the GSXR 600 is very sad 600. The bike had problems getting over 100hp on the dyno's. Ask Speedwerks....

Anyway the GSXR 750 goes 0-100 in 2.8 and the 1000 does it in 2.4. To 130 I dont know! There is so many factors @ play, wind, fueling, final drive.....ect. All I know if your car isnt doing low 10's then piss off.:lol:

You have the power of the internet @ your finger tips...use it!

all me numbers came from SBN,, and Motonews.

read up on veypor too, thats where my bikes specs came from.
I hate multiple posters...One post is all we need...

How about you post a link to the website were found that data. Websites are all over the map anyway but the data logger on my bike is fact.....

Also the gixxer 600 is again is sad bike and I live GIxxers I own 3 of them 2 1000's and 750. I use to owned 4 but I sold it.
The 600 gixxer make 101hp and the 600rr makes 117hp stock, so add them to your numbers too.
GixxerNHemi said:
um this is a thread about a gixxer 1000 being in a wreck... done wasting time. have fun posting links.

Yeah but it is sweet....Sorry you got :zowned: :zowned:
GixxerNHemi said:
but it doesnt matter anyway cause the gixxer is faster than the honda.

Based on what? Your limited knowledge of bikes?:lol:
Once you become more seasoned with bike world. you will understand that sportrider is unreliable. Bias and they take kickbacks.
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