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Kenny Bell Cobra vs 2 1000's and one 750

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Hope you enjoy :cheers:
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I used to own a 500rwhp 04 Cobra before I bought my truck and I could pull on 600s all day long...especially over 100mph. I raced a few 750s and they would win but i would be able to hold them within 7-8 carlengths of me from 80-140mph.
I would be able to hit a little over 170mph in the cobra most of the time.

However, my neighbor (buddy) has a 2003 Z06 with just over 580rwhp (not including the 125 shot of nitrous!!) and he can pull 750s EASY!!!!! I was in the car with him on multiple occassions where he handed a gixxer 750 its ASS from about 40mph-160mph....really pulling over 100mph. Not sure if the people on the gixxers were the best riders in the world but still....we would be neck and neck from 50-100 or so and all of sudden his vette would just walk away but at least 6-7 carlengths by 160-170ish. the bikes look stunned!!!!

also....2 weeks ago...some punk kid on a ZX-10....yes a ZX-10 saw us goosing it around on a local highway and came up next to us and stared at us and popped up the wheel as he thought he was gonna wheelie to a victory....WRONG!
we broke the tires loose in 2nd, 3rd, and chirped 4th at 110mph (605rwtq) and the dude was trying hard to get the wheel down fast and start nailing

he was very very close to us once he put his wheel down but we held him at our rear bumper till almost 175mph. i think the guy on the bike was having enough by 150ish though and wouldnt really get on it much more...

had he kept the wheel down and not been so cocky..he would have pulled a little better and beaten us.

now....he hasnt messed with any zx-12s or busas cause obviously he would lose....but im just saying that his 620hp/635tq Z06 can beat 750s and 900s fairly easily.

BTW....i have no idea how he would fair if he hit the 125 shot against a busa??? that would make his vette around 700rwhp and over it might be close against a stock busa....
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people always come back with the fact that a bike costs less. forget cost. remember than that a bike is 10-12k for an engine with 2 wheels and an uncomfortable riding position. I hate the cost factor arguement more than anything else. especially when people compare costs when they say they could make a subaru faster than a ferrari for 150k less........they are missing the point completely.

Bike vs. car...bikes are almost always faster/cheaper...but its pretty damn cool to be in a high powered car comfortable with your shades on, radio blasting, windows open, and smoking a bike!!!!

I may not be able to take on your 750 or 1000 with the cobra.....but my buddies Z06 like i mentioned above probably would give you a run for your money!!!! all honesty...what is done to the 600 that your so confident it can beat a 550hp (500rwhp) Cobra?? turbo? bolt-ons and a power commander arent going to help you that much when a 500rwhp can easily pull a 600 over 100mph. whats so special that yours is gonna light up the cobra??? lol

BTW...i bet you are a great rider...ill give you that...i checked into your stats and races and you are obviously very respectable in riding. really think your 750 can hang with a 650hp vette??? or how about a 700rwhp vette on the nitrous????? ponder that one!!! lol
twisty said:
See I rather have bad a$$ bike (My gixxer) to a ferrari. Im not sure why, but to me a bike is way cooler than car.

well i cant say i would take my bike over a ferrari....but i would seriously consider a hyped up vette or cobra over a ferrari...just because I love cars that are different from anyone elses. A ferrari 360 or whatever is common and the same from owner to owner.

A vette that rumbles the ground and breaks the tires loose at 100mph isnt so common and I think would draw more attention from a car enthusiat crowd....

I could care less if I had a 100k car if I could have a 50k car with some work done that could beat the hell outa the 100k car. Symbol means nothing to me for the most part....performance does...all the way.
twisty said:
Well along with being a ok rider, I also graduaded with a Science degree. That means I took alot of math classes.

The power to weight ratio of the 750 avg's out to you needing around 700rwhp car to beat my 750 your gonna need and 850rwhp to beat my 1000.

My 600 is just little ol'race bike. 0-100 in 2.9 secs. From a dead you'll be wishing for a few more ponies....

My spelling sucks :h16:

thus why i said my buddies Z06 should give you a run for the money....he would be putting down over 700rwhp and 750rwtq with the nitrous.....of course....from a roll...i would have to say it would be very difficult to hang with vette for a 750. from a dig it would be much more even. im sure you are aware that bikes lose to cars over 100mph (high powered cars) because the drag factor plays a huge part. Not to mention his top speed is around 190ish i think which should beat the 750 up top.....

the 1000....I dunno...from a dig...i am sure he would get murdered.

BTW...your 600 does 0-100 in 2.9??? dont you mean 0-60 in 2.9???

what the hell does your 600 run in the 1/4 then...a 7.00 @ 170mph????
twisty said:
Im pretty sure that is what dyno said 0-100 in under 3 but Ill check it again. Thats with the lower gearing for racing and some other stuff. I didnt really have problem beating a few other 1000s @ the strip. After about a 150 it falls on it face like most 600's do. allows you to cut the time to 100 down by like 3.5-4 seconds huh??? geez.

however...yea most 600s top out around 155-160....but if you have that low of gearing...i would think yours would fall on its face before 150mph???

First you tell me your bike can hit 100mph in 2.9 seconds.....I let that one fly....that seems a little exagerated....

then the reason you can hit 100mph that fast is because you have shorter gear ratios....right or wrong?

with shorter gear low end acceleration is picking up but you sacrifice top end......this is common sense in the world of autos.

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that if you shorten the gear ratios you will accelerate faster but will lose top end speed.

tell me if i am missing something before you come back with any other demeaning remarks. have a fast 600. I dont know of any 600 that can do over 165mph...unless HEAVILY modded. even the most recent 600s from the factory are all between 158-162 in top speed.

but for some reason...your 600 can hit 100mph in 2.9 seconds and do WELL over 160mph.

..please explain to me instead of just saying i dont know anything....thanks
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twisty said:
Yeah 600 can 0-100 in 3.2sec stock! The top speed for the 600rr stock is 168 with US "speed limited" attached.

Now to my bike. No speed limiter, Performance cartage trans, and mild engine tuning.

Bring it newbie! not saying i dont believe you...i just want to explain to me the reasons why so i know for future reference....thats all.

also....600s do 0-100mph in 3.2???? im sorry but i have to disagree in a big way. I have a brand new gixxer 600 and it doesnt do 0-100 in 3.2 seconds. I believe most times of 0-60 for 600s are between 2.7-3.2...not 0-100. are you talking in kph????

if a 600 did 0-100mph in 3.2 stock.......that would mean it takes another 7 seconds to reach just 30mph more???? (being that most 600s run the 1/4 around 10.1-10.4 @ 128-130mph....

you know what i could a 600 reach 100mph in 3.2 but yet take 10.2 to reach 130....makes NO sense....

also....i know that this bike is probably more like 6-7 seconds to 100mph just from cracking the throttle these past 3 weeks. thats a lot more reasonable.
Well...ok heres some research for ya....

you say 1000s reach 0-100 in 2.4 seconds!!! dont think so. 0-60 in 2.4 not 0-100

2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R
Horsepower: 161.9 @ 11,750 rpm
Torque: 80.0 ft.-lb. @ 9750 rpm
Corrected 1/4-mile: 10.06 sec. @ 145.3 mph
0-60 mph: 2.92 sec.
0-100 mph: 5.45 sec.
Top-gear roll-on, 50-70 mph: 2.67 sec.
O...and BTW....yea my buddies vette ran a 11.12 @ 127mph on street tires without the nitrous.

Im pretty certain that with drag radials and the added 125hp from the nitrous...hes looking at very very low 10s maybe high 9s.
twisty said:
Ok well 1st the GSXR 600 is very sad 600. The bike had problems getting over 100hp on the dyno's. Ask Speedwerks....

can you explain this.....Ive heard from many many people that the gixxers are some of the best bikes on the road..period. Ive ridden a cbr 600rr for example...and my bike feels much better in terms of power delivery and handling/braking. from what ive gathered....i tend to believe the gsxrs are the best overall package bikes on the market.
twisty said:
The 600 gixxer make 101hp and the 600rr makes 117hp stock, so add them to your numbers too.

man where the hell do you find these numbers man.

I know that the gixxer 600 is one of the least powerful in terms of hp of the group but....

the average gixxer 600 hp is around 103-105. and the 600rr DOES NOT make 117hp...hahah

the most powerful of the bunch is the zx-6r which makes 112hp...i think the honda was around 107-108.

however, the suzuki had the best torque down low and midrange in the group...and its one of the fastest of the bunch based on 1/4 times and 0-60s. I think the gsxr was one of the lighter bikes in the bunch.
heres a link to a the 04 numbers....the gixxer 600 has the fastest times....

and heres a link to hp/torque...

look at the (106) suzuki (103) kawi (111)

but it doesnt matter anyway cause the gixxer is faster than the honda.
twisty said:

that is ONE person stating this. Not all tuners are know it alls. Guess cobra dynoed at 368rwhp stock whereas others got anywhere from 360rwhp-372rwhp....

everything is going to vary.

but say the gixxer is down 5 hp from where it should be....doesnt matter because they are still the fastest of the 600 bunch in the 1/4
twisty said:

um this is a thread about a gixxer 1000 being in a wreck... done wasting time. have fun posting links.
twisty said:
Based on what? Your limited knowledge of bikes?:lol:

well....ive spoken to honda owners...and ive spoken to dealers (a lot of bike dealers are riders themselves as im sure you are aware)...ive spoken to suzuki owners...etc etc etc

ive ridden the honda and ive riden the gixxer....i personally feel that the gixxer is a better had better brakes, handling, and throttle response.

it doesnt take a rocket scientist to feel a difference between bikes....i may be a first time streetbike owner...but i know what to look for since ive been riding dirtbikes for almost 9 years not saying that im a great rider...far from it...but i can tell the difference between machines right away.

i dont know what it is that you have against the gixxer 600....and im not being bias towards it because it own one....its not like its my last bike im gonna buy.....but i do think, and many people agree its one of the better 600s on the road.
see...nowthats a sensible post....thanks!
hahahah...true! it doesnt matter in the end though....rider preference will always prevail as with anything....for now i love this bike...a year from now i might be bored with it and go with the 750 or maybe a new breed (kawi possibly)....for now ill try and master this thing though....

but back to cars vs. bikes....all depends on the rider.

like i mentioned....i was in the vette when we took out an 04 zx-10.....the rider obviously couldnt give it in the end....whomever is capable/willing to take a 1000 to its limits will more than likely prevail against most every car under the 800hp mark....but most average joes on 1000s on the streets may seem tough and wiz in and out of cars and go 100mph here and there....but most guyz on the streets arent going to race a car up to 180mph....only a select few will. for the busa with a wheel bar beating 1000hp cars on the track....unless the busa is not buying it.

a busa runs what....a solid 9 second 1/4 mile with a professional rider?

a friend of my family has a 1991 mustang with 890hp and 770lb/tq (all motor)...slicks...wheelie bar....parachute...the whole nine yards. of course it has weight reduction mods but im sure those 1000hp cars do too.

anyway..his best so far is an 8.19 @ 168mph. No busa short of the turbo busas can beat that.....if those 1000hp cars are setup for sure they are running low 8's and high 7' anything less than that ghostrider busa isnt touching that....or at least a busa with 300rwhp.
AHHHH HAAAAA!!!!! secret revealed!!! lol
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