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Kenny Bell Cobra vs 2 1000's and one 750

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Hope you enjoy :cheers:
61 - 66 of 66 Posts for the busa with a wheel bar beating 1000hp cars on the track....unless the busa is not buying it.

a busa runs what....a solid 9 second 1/4 mile with a professional rider?

a friend of my family has a 1991 mustang with 890hp and 770lb/tq (all motor)...slicks...wheelie bar....parachute...the whole nine yards. of course it has weight reduction mods but im sure those 1000hp cars do too.

anyway..his best so far is an 8.19 @ 168mph. No busa short of the turbo busas can beat that.....if those 1000hp cars are setup for sure they are running low 8's and high 7' anything less than that ghostrider busa isnt touching that....or at least a busa with 300rwhp.
ScottSellersUNR said:
And Twisties 600 has major headwork.... that bike is probalby a 140RWHP 600... it would run any 1000 bike with basic bolt ons


Man dont go telling on me....:lol:
AHHHH HAAAAA!!!!! secret revealed!!! lol
the busa ive seen beat em is lightly mod'd.. PC3R with a M/T slick and a +3 swingarm tucked in front of a Pingel pro drag wheelie bar... all motor, no gas, no headwork..... only running a airshifter..... he ran right within a .01 of a Twin turbo VW powered top fuel car sitting in a 7second rated top fuel frame. 9.8's. On a more common track... not prepped anywhere but the line the 1000HP cars have massive rtraction issues all the way down... limits their speeds a TON on a bad night.But this guy is pretty good and this year will be aboard a 300RWHP Supercharged '06 busa for 06...all the same mods plus 3 more inches on the wheelie bar... hell be eights no issues with an extra 100HP and longer arm for this year.
The link isnt working for me.. first link yes, then when u try to save from the other forum it says it cant access site or osmething to the effect its down, three days its said that now.... on the original video.
Doesn't work for me neither now. The vid must just be down.:scratch:
61 - 66 of 66 Posts
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