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Keystroke logging is NOT wiretapping

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So the po-po don't need a warrant. Pulled this from a geek site:
"A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed wiretapping charges against a California man who used a hardware keystroke logger to spy on his employer, SecurityFocus is reporting. The court ruled that the device doesn't violate the federal Wiretap Act because it only intercepted signals off a keyboard cable, not an interstate network. The government is asking for reconsideration. Ironically, the judge relied in part on the Scarfo precedent, which allowed the FBI to use such a keylogger without a wiretap warrant."

Thought it was kinda interesting. For those who don't know, a keystroke logger makes a note of every keystroke you make on a keyboard and either transmits them to some log somewhere on the Internet, or just keeps a local log. Great way to steal passwords and identity information, which is why using public terminals is a bad idea when doing any account checking or financial transactions. It does circumvent all security controls, like SSL over HTTP (aka https://) and VPN connections.

Just spreadin' the paranoia :whistle:
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so bosses and such can do this to you legally?
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