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Keystroke logging is NOT wiretapping

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So the po-po don't need a warrant. Pulled this from a geek site:
"A federal judge in Los Angeles has dismissed wiretapping charges against a California man who used a hardware keystroke logger to spy on his employer, SecurityFocus is reporting. The court ruled that the device doesn't violate the federal Wiretap Act because it only intercepted signals off a keyboard cable, not an interstate network. The government is asking for reconsideration. Ironically, the judge relied in part on the Scarfo precedent, which allowed the FBI to use such a keylogger without a wiretap warrant."

Thought it was kinda interesting. For those who don't know, a keystroke logger makes a note of every keystroke you make on a keyboard and either transmits them to some log somewhere on the Internet, or just keeps a local log. Great way to steal passwords and identity information, which is why using public terminals is a bad idea when doing any account checking or financial transactions. It does circumvent all security controls, like SSL over HTTP (aka https://) and VPN connections.

Just spreadin' the paranoia :whistle:
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The whole thing seems kind of excessively paranoid to me.
Doggone it, you guys got me all paranoid now. You're making me nervous and stuff.
You can't tell if I'm downloading porn on another window even as I type this, can you? :leaving:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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