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Kids Track Day

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Kids Track Circuit.

Rockadaous sent this too me..its pretty cool!
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3BoyzNaBike said:
Never too late! I just turned 28 and am just getting into riding. Been with DJ for 6 years and it took me all this time to finally decide that I would like to learn to ride. Looking into getting myself this:
In WOS we have a few women riders. 1 on a 250 such as the one you pointed out, 1 on a 500cc Kaw, 1 on a 600 Triumph TT, and now a SV650s. The TT is crap because it's brittish, the 250 is just too small, the 500 is okbut the SV650s is the best overall out of the women. The girl with the TT is going to swap up for a R6. My main point is don't go for the 250. SV or a nice 600. You'll be sorry if you don't.

Need4Speed750 said:
I agree with Chris,

250's are great to learn on, for ur msf course, but thats about it.. 500cc is good starter bike, and if ur comfortable enough on a 600, like an older CBR 600 or an SV, you'd be set for awhile. They are easy to ride, and will last a long time. You can find them just about anywhere too.
I even had a EX500 at one time. One of the guy's wife had one. It is a great bike to start on, but if you really get into riding you'll have to upgrade. Not to mention that there isn't any suspension adjustment on it to take into consideration the lighter weight of the women.

I suggest the R6 or the SV650s. The SV is a nice bike, with a nice size. Not real wide because of it being a v-twin.

However, if you don't want a v-twin, I like the R6 probably more over the older 600cc of other brands. It sits lower to the ground, its a narrow bike, good suspension with full adjustments, great cooling system, and a good overall bike with lots of aftermarket support. I've never owned one but have rode one or two. In fact, I rode Double/Mud's the other day. Not real far but I liked the bike nevertheless. It also seems to have nice brakes.

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twisty said:
What about the girl on the 1000? You failed to mention her? WHY?
You're right! :sorry: But in my defense, I guess I don't think of her as much as a beginner. Come on who else knows a girl that weighs...what 100lbs soaking wet, riding a '04 GSXR 1000?!?!?!? That's not really what most women are looking for, for a starter bike. (side note: we are talking about Twisty's g/f. Yes they both have '04 1000's, its cute his is blue&white and her's is black&silver)

That's my defense and I'm sticking to it! :leaving:
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