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Kids Track Day

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Kids Track Circuit.

Rockadaous sent this too me..its pretty cool!
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The future superbike circuit looks good indeed ! :dthumb:
pintsizemoto said:
yeah, i wish i would have had an opportunity like that when i was younger, but, it's too late for that - however, i thought i give myself a start not at age 33 - on pocket bikes - figure that is the closest i'll ever get to a 2 wheel motor driven cycle on a track!
pocket bikes are so popular these days, everybody's doing them at the track, so you're in good company there..and hey after you've been at them for awhile, you can always move up the big beasts. Amatuer circuits everywhere, great way to learn, and schools like California superbike school, etc.
I'd love to do that someday!!
I agree with Chris,

250's are great to learn on, for ur msf course, but thats about it.. 500cc is good starter bike, and if ur comfortable enough on a 600, like an older CBR 600 or an SV, you'd be set for awhile. They are easy to ride, and will last a long time. You can find them just about anywhere too.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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