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Thank you for your interest in being affiliated with the ZūK ·KrŪ Motorcycle Club. We appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to review this membership package. All applicants are given equal opportunity consideration regardless of race, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, and/or religion. ZūK ·KrŪ Motorcycle Club requires
That all persons interested in being affiliated with the organization must complete a written application for membership. The membership application must be written and answered honestly and wholeheartedly by the person expressing interested in becoming a part of the ZūK ·KrŪ Motorcycle Club. Each applicant must sign and date the application and include a copy of the following: valid drivers license with motorcycle endorsement (if applicable), current insurance policy and current registration. This information must be received at the time the application is submitted.
VIP Access to all ZūK ·KrŪ Motorcycle Club events
 Discounts on Safety gear and apparel at select retailers
 Discounts on repairs and customizing at select shops
Dues & Contributions
 $10 a month (paid 3-months in advance) *no refunds.
 Purchase an official ZūK ·KrŪ Club vest or jacket
 Participation in ZūK ·KrŪ Club events and meetings
Prospect Process
Each prospect will be required to complete the ZūK ·KrŪ Ryder application in full, including copies of driver’s license, motorcycle registration, and proof of insurance coverage.
 Prospect will be interviewed by the Club President and Vice President
 Pending their approval Prospect will start a 90 day probationary period during the regular riding season, which they must participate in at least 50% of, scheduled ZūK ·KrŪ Motorcycle Club events.
 Failure to follow the club bylaws during the probationary period may result in loss of Prospect status.
Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the Prospect will be awarded ZūK ·KrŪ Ryder status by the Club President.
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