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Kru T-Shirt ideas...

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Hey Bullitt, need to make some shirts for these guyz. I know GASman is going to want one.:lol:
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:disapp: WOW GASman. It's free and still:scratch: ? How about if I make it small.:lol: My idea is to incoporate all the bike names and place of departure on the shirt. If thats o.k. with you Gman:lol: :dthumb:
You betcha'. We just need a count and if there are any left over I will give them to some of the TWF family. Betcha like that?:dthumb:
:iagree: So it will be done if we have extras.:crazy:
:wink: I know your messin.:cheers:
:cool: Came up with a concept and now I just need to choose between a white shirt or black? :scratch: Any suggestions would be greatful.:bas:
:scratch: I was on the idea of going with a big pack of sportbike on the front with some hogs pulled over on the side. Then on the back it would say ZUK-KRU's first annual all sportbike run to Laconia.There would be a list like a concert shirt specifing their rides and what towns they left from. Not easy but we will get something to show.:crazy:
:dthumb: Thanks for the input RUI.:cheers:
Hey PUNK, respect ths forum. Your not peeing me off because your nothing to me but a KID but others that respect this forum are. So respect the forum you are postin in. Especially the KRU's.:chill:
I am done with him. I just want good posts here and feedback from people who act more righteous and have respect for this forum. thanks to those who understand and post here.:dthumb:
Thanks for your opinion RIDER.:cheers: I guess from here it goes to a vote.:dthumb:
You got it RIDER. I will make sure to have an extra.:beer2:
It's all good RIDER. You backed me up on the design.:dthumb: From here it all goes to the computer then to the Silk Screener. Pics will be posted as soon as they are done.:buds:
Hear that GAS MAN. I'm cool.:thumbs:
GAS MAN I am done with him. I am cool. Thanks for the clean up.:twfrox:
You've got it. Im cool.:dthumb:
:sorry: I kinda like mine. I have to see what you have on paper then make a decision. Just by showing the hogs on the side of the road already makes a statement.......follwed by a AWESOME PACK of sportbikes says it all.:2cents:
:scratch: I think there is some confusion here. The one I thought of was for the Laconoia run the other is for the club itself.:whistle:
:drool: Whatta ya think? One will be for the club and the other will be given out to those who go on the Laconia run. Like that RIDER?:dthumb:
From the start you've been cool posting here RIDER. For that I wont forget. Who knows you might get one for nothing.:whistle: Santa might come early.:dthumb:
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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