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Kru T-Shirt ideas...

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Hey Bullitt, need to make some shirts for these guyz. I know GASman is going to want one.:lol:
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gixxer1333 said:
:scratch: I was on the idea of going with a big pack of sportbike on the front with some hogs pulled over on the side. Then on the back it would say ZUK-KRU's first annual all sportbike run to Laconia.There would be a list like a concert shirt specifing their rides and what towns they left from. Not easy but we will get something to show.:crazy:

Kinda :gary: makes me wanna :puke:
oh boy!

gixxer1333 said:
Hey PUNK, respect ths forum. Your not peeing me off because your nothing to me but a KID but others that respect this forum are. So respect the forum you are postin in. Especially the KRU's.:chill:
Hey maybe u should become a moderator...and yup that's my name.."KID"
I like Bullet's Idea with the sportbike....the other one sounds kinda :gary:

I'll buy Bullet's shirt...

Hey Hammer any pics of This Custom GSXR1000 you own???????
1 - 5 of 63 Posts
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