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Kru T-Shirt ideas...

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Hey Bullitt, need to make some shirts for these guyz. I know GASman is going to want one.:lol:
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Heck ya... I love cool t-shirts... even if it has a Zuk name on it... :D
gixxer1333 said:
:disapp: WOW GASman. It's free and still:scratch: ? How about if I make it small.:lol: My idea is to incoporate all the bike names and place of departure on the shirt. If thats o.k. with you Gman:lol: :dthumb:
I'm just messin with ya man!! I'd love a ZUK-KRU shirt...
GSXRKid80 said:
Hey maybe u should become a moderator...and yup that's my name.."KID"
Well I am a moderator... and I can regulate!! Like.... :sw: Seriously... keep it cool guys... don't want anybody to get a vacation... :tt:

Really this thread should be cleaned up a bit... its way more than what it was suppose to be.... new topic = new thread.... keeps it clean that way...

Maybe I'll do it for you guys...

rider76 said:
:withstupi you guys are doing this to like 3 other threads, can you just start a new thread and have it out on that one?
Well I split this off the welcome thread... just a little cleaning house...
rider76 said:
Its all good guys...:dthumb: :cheers:
Yep..its all good.... just want everybody to keep a level head....
What was the bullet idea?

And 929...that's a good idea as well!

Any preview?
1 - 7 of 63 Posts
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