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Kru T-Shirt ideas...

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Hey Bullitt, need to make some shirts for these guyz. I know GASman is going to want one.:lol:
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just put the pic of the sportbike...and have it say TAKING OVER!! a little more subtle but still making a statement.:dthumb:

Hey Hammer any pics of This Custom GSXR1000 you own???????
What was the bullet idea?

And 929...that's a good idea as well!
:scratch: I think there is some confusion here. The one I thought of was for the Laconoia run the other is for the club itself.:whistle:
:drool: Whatta ya think? One will be for the club and the other will be given out to those who go on the Laconia run. Like that RIDER?:dthumb:
sounds good. get some shirts out there get your name out.. more new members.. now how do i get a shirt?
From the start you've been cool posting here RIDER. For that I wont forget. Who knows you might get one for nothing.:whistle: Santa might come early.:dthumb:
Dude you own a ZUK for that you I will make you a member if you like.:whistle:
gixxer1333 said:
Dude you own a ZUK for that you I will make you a member if you like.:whistle:

Sure sign me up. i might not be able to make it to many meetings tho..LOL
No problemo.:dthumb:
Concept already to go to the silk screener. The clubs shirt is heading toward Bullitts with some added spice from me and the Laconia shirt is still on the drawing stage.:tt:

Any preview?
:sorry: The screener has the disk because he needed it to put in his computer and clean up the imagery on it. Will post soon. Look for the stickers. But that itself is a different thread.:dthumb:

That's great Hammer can't wait to see the finished product , these babies should sell like Hot Cakes...........:willy:
To be honest, I hope so. The price is really cheap. The profit from these shirts should go toward the charities we will do runs for.:wink: The price is yet to be figured out; depending on how much the screener is going to ask per shirt.:dthumb:
don't u think these would benefit our club considering they have no sponsorships on the T-shirts...??
we are a young club
hey Hammer we should get some Zuk Kru shirts with that skull and graffiti and the two wheelie bikes for the Blessing for our guyz....just an idea if so we can start a new thread on it???
41 - 60 of 63 Posts
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