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i found a new forum for the ladies. it's i saw it previewed in 2wheel tuner this month. it's nice to have a place for just us girls, however no one will ever take the place of this forum. i still think :twfrox: .
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itgirl25 said:
:lol: that'll teach ya to snoop in the ladies section, won't it? :lol:
FireNIce said:
Looks like a nice enough place. I seldom have time to check in here though.
VolEngineer said:
Isn't this against the rules...didn't Shan just go off for advertising other forums??
Sort'of, Don't anticipate them stealing many members so no real harm. Just kind'of helping the ladies.
Gas Man said:
That's cause she can't get Jeeps off the damn computer!!! :lol:

Most the guys here don't even notice that it is the women's section. They jut :whore: in the with the new post. I know I'm guilty of it myself sometimes.:whistle: but generally try to add productive comments. We mods have considered making this section a pass word only access but, we don't really have enough ladies here and the section would be dead for the most part. Come on ladies, get your friends to sign up weather the have their own bikes or not. Just so long as they like to talk about them. It might eventually get you ladies a privet section.:twfrox:
itgirl25 said:
oops, my bad for recommending this place for the ladies without being more mindful of TWF's rules. i hope i didn't offend any of the mods in this place (or anyone else for the matter). i meant no harm. this is still my forum of choice, i just wanted to share with the ladies some other opportunities as well. i guess i should pay closer to attention to the rules/guidelines here, huh? :leaving: :twfrox:
No foul itgirl. Its all good!:dthumb:
neebelung said:
See, but the very nature of this forum doesn't really necessitate it being a TRULY private ladies' area. Other, bigger forums, it's necessary to keep it heavild modded to minimize trolls and leg-humpers. But that's not the general mentality here. Most everyone here is very respectful and helpful.

Most of us try to be helpful but don't think for a second that were not a bunch of
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:welcome: to TWF Catabrea

I think we can let that slide for now. Shanman14 would make the final decision. Nice intro on your site too. I love the song.:dthumb:
1 - 7 of 43 Posts
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