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Come and be apart of the largest organized and permitted bikenight! We have over 500+ rider each and every thursday at Frisco's Car hop (City of Industry, CA)

Everyone is welcome to join us, we have the one of the best and the largest location anywhere! We get people from all over the USA visiting us! I hope you will too!

Here is the link to the flyer:

Frisco Thursday Bike Night

Special Anniversary Bike Night 10-27-2005

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me.

Edward Kaneshiro - President
[email protected]

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Supporters of the SportbikeChat Bike Night!

I wanted to send out a thank you to everyone that attend the event last night! We made our mark on the sportbike community!

We had well over 1500 bikes last night! We gave away alot of free products to the people that attended the event just for purchasing raffle tickets and for just showing up!

I would like to thank a few people for their help:

Ryan, BeeJ, Steve, Alicia, Honey and more just too many people to list!

MSR Mayhem Street Riders, 2nd to None, Toyride, and so many more that supported throughout this year sorry I can't name them all but, we are very greatful for your help. We could have never made it through the first year without all your support!

Russ Brown, 2WheelTuning, Motorhelmets, Ruff Ryders, Outlaw Motorsports, Addictgear, Solomoto Parts and all that were not listed we thank you!

2006 Permits Have Arrived

We are proud to announce that this bike night has been approved by the city for another year and hopefully will continue forever. I heard there were people asking if the event was going to stop! Never as long as I maintain the support of the community. We need to have a strict control on stunting and noise restrictions for 2006.

We all need to keep this event running not only us but the entire community! We will be looking forward to seeing all of you every week
at Frisco's Carhop (City of Industry)

Thank you again for supporting the SportbikeChat Bike Night

Pictures of the event for everyone to view will be posted today! Come to the website at:

If any of you took pictures last night please send me a copy of them so that I can get them post under our anniversary page. Thank you!
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