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Laying it down the first time

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Here's my experience...

I just got my bike, hadn't been on it very long. I really didn't know what I was doing, but I felt like I did. My riding gear consisted of a denim jacket, motocross gloves and a helmet.

I was leaving a parking lot at a slow rate of speed, came to a turn and... BOOM! The parking lot had a reflector glued to the surface to indicate a fire hydrant (for the fire dept). I saw it, but didn't think anything of it. I was going too slow and leaned too much, my front wheel hit the reflector and slid out from under me.

Afterward my jean jacket had a hole, after a 5mph wreck. :mad: I soon bought some real gear after that.

Here's the worst part. It was still running, laying on the pavement. I go to pick it up from the grips and, like a newbie, give it gas. :eek: The thing spins around, further f'ing up my bodywork and infuriating me more than I already was. :shutme

A few lessons learned:
1) Don't show off and lean into a turn at 5mph.
2) Denim won't help you unless you fall off while not moving.
3) Kill the engine before picking up the bike.
4) Watch out for reflectors, rocks, debris in the road
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The only time I've laid a bike down, so far! was a few years ago while putting my Kawasaki Concours in our bike shead. I was going up the ramp which was wet and made of pressure treated decking and gave it alittle to much gas. The rear slipped out from under me and the bike went down snapping off a mirror and footpeg. No other damage to the bike or me but couldn't ride till I got replacement parts :mad:

My wife always says "At least it happened close to home!" :smilelol:
I figure, statistically speaking, I've conquered the crash demons. :shock:
I've only dropped it going 1mph in my driveway when I was turning around. I'd been riding for a couple hours, came in and turned around. . but I neglected to counter balance. Got a leg down fast enough, but my legs were jello, so it dropped. $60 for a new decal. lol
It's like the ole saying goes...there are 2 kinds of riders..those that have been down (some more than others).and those that will go down..fortunately, in Shans case, 5 mph wont do much to ya, "normally", but hurt your ego. now the bike, thats a different story. Damn decals are expensive as hell!!!!!!! WTF!!
BusaBabe said:
I'll never crash. :thumbs:
Thats the attitude girl...u tell em!!!
:rolleyes: ..just playing with you...

Really we dont ever expect to crash, but sooner or later, we all know its gonna happen, whether its a drop it in your driveway type deal, or blowing a brand new front tire, doing 75 on the highway..(gee, wonder how I know about that.. :U )
Knock on wood.....I've never layed down a street bike. Dirt is another story. Rubber side down folks.
I laid mine down trying to show off in a parking lot and the end of the lot got to close to the only way I could stop without hitting the wall was to lay it down
smoky03 said:
I laid mine down trying to show off in a parking lot and the end of the lot got to close to the only way I could stop without hitting the wall was to lay it down

Doesnt that suck!! I've done that on dirtbikes before..usually embarrassment is the more painful feeling, than the injuries in that case... :ack:
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