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Leasing a motorcycle

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Is there such an animal? I would think many people would lease a MC if it was offered as an option, no?
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I have heard of this and if I was going to go to Cali and needed one instead of riding mine I would. :dthumb:
I saw that BMW has a program that allows you to do this. Also HD has done it since 2000 for a dollar a year per cycle to assist in traffic enforcement. I also saw that there is a place in Cali that does this as well. Sounds like a great deal if the rest of the dealers would do this as well. I would be very interested in it. :dthumb:
jetskifast said:
BMW offers leasing.

Your the BMW should know this. Its called...Flexi-Lease.
2FURYUS said:
Yeah, but who'd wanta lease a BMW? :D j/k

:lol: :lol: :cheers:
jetskifast said:
I would know Flexi-Lease if I leased my bikes :thumbs:

True. :thumbs:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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