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Leathers and boots???

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Ok, so this is an opinion question:

I'm looking into leathers and boots. I know that 1piece are preferred but I would rather 2piece cause if I need the jacket and not the pants, then I don't have to worry about buying two jackets.

But anyways, I'm thinking about AlpineStars two-piece cause of the replaceable knee sliders? Any thoughts or opinions? And exactly how does one go about fitting themselves for a 2piece suit?

I'm also looking into Sidi boots? But I am tossed between them and Oxtar. Which is better? Which has easier to obtain replaceable parts? And fitting for the boots, how do you recommend?
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Gas Man said:
Samuria... he already has a textile jacket for daily commuting. I believe he is looking for a total protection outfit. Something to wear when he knows he's going out to cause trouble.....

But in either way, the intended purpose of the leather is the first thing we need to know. Just in case I'm wrong...

Gas Man,

I'm a good boy. I never, ever do ANYTHING wrong. I'm an :angelhap: , dagnabit!

Purpose of the leathers and boots: NOT for everyday riding, mainly for long rides as well as like when I start to do Track Days. But I like the way 2-piece is cause if I am out I can take the jacket off and still be somewhat cooler. Plust I can wear the leather jacket when it's cold out which would entitle me not to have to purchase another leather jacket.
Samurai_Jack said:
GM, I guess you're right.

Grafix, like I said before, most jacket from a 2 piece suit are somewhat shorter than a normal one. Make sure you try them on first to make sure you don't actually look weird (like wearing a jacket one size too small) when you walk out.

Roger wilco...I got Speedwerks helpin' me out with this so I think I should be ok. Don't believe they'll set me in the wrong direction...
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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