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Links section... lets update it!

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Ok... here's the deal... :readng:

TWF has a Links section. Its old, been ignored, and needs to be updated. Now there are things on there that will be removed and I want to add others.

The general idea:

  • We want to get more local groups links on there, like Zuk-Kru & RUI.
  • Any store style links or after market manufacture links will be posted on a case by case basis; decided by TWF management due to advertisement restrictions.
  • We will put up the manufacture specific forums, but not the general info forums such as TWF. That would be like cutting off our face to save our nose.

    I will update this if any of these restrictions change.

Lets keep this thread free of :jacked: and just post up the link you want, why and a general descrip of the site.


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:wtf: no responding? :scratch:
Perfect example... now if we can just get the :whore: to join in and post up some good ones...
That would be one that would have to go under review before adding... but its a start.
Which one? Mine or dnyce's?
Yours DL... because its a store and not a SV.
What about any local groups or the manufacture forums...
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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