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Detroit has the highest automotive insurance rates in the country, so it probably comes as no surprise that it tops another list. The city ranks No. 1 in Michigan's latest report of the hot spots for auto theft.

Hassan Zein of Dearborn had his vehicle stolen in early June. When Zein walked out of his parents' home to go to work in the morning, he found his pick-up truck gone.

"I was in shock. I didn't believe it. You work so hard. You earn your money. And it's just gone in a heartbeat," said Zein.

Michigan's Auto Theft Prevention Authority said it's not hard to believe. Dearborn is ranked No. 3 on its list of Auto Theft Hot Spots, or places where your car is most likely to get stolen.

Lt. Tim Wancha said Dearborn is "a real target-rich environment. The city has 95,000 people, but it swells to 300,000 during the day."

Dearborn Police also said that its close proximity to Detroit is another reason it is high on the list. Other factors like having a shopping mall and people owning more than one car makes this city a target as well, Local 4 reported.

"We have our north end, which is fairly densely populated with most households (having) two, three, four, five cars per household," said Wancha.

Dearborn Police are targeting car thieves by tracking hot spots around town with their auto theft unit.

The following is a list of hot spots according to Michigan's Auto Theft Prevention Authority. They are listed by their rank.

1. Detroit
2. Warren
3. Dearborn
5. Southfield
7. Hamtramck
8. Taylor
9. Westland
11. Roseville
12. Redford Township
13. Harper Woods
14. Pontiac
16. Dearborn Heights
17. Eastpointe
18. Clinton Township
19. Lincoln Park
20. Madison Heights

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Yep..welcome to Detroit!! One big $h it hole!!! God I wish they would just run a dozer thru there!!
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