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lookin for busa exhaust pics. short exhaust.

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im wantin a short exhaust on my bike and havent decided which yet. lookin for suggestions and pics. i just dont like the two big cans stickin out of the back. i dont want anything real loud and obnoxious either. something internally baffled or something
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that 1k is wicked

i like that exhast. how would that fit on? buy to and swap mid pipes or what? i have seen a busa with the mid pipes removed and dumps put on with internal baffels but it was LOUD. and looked kinda rigged up. not very professional.
hey what everyone think of brocks sidewinder exhaust???

saw a bike on ebay with brocks sidewinder exhaust. was a race bike but wasnt sure if anyone could give me advice and/or opinons on this exhaust. also curious if packing can be added or removed from this exhaust.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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