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lookin for busa exhaust pics. short exhaust.

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im wantin a short exhaust on my bike and havent decided which yet. lookin for suggestions and pics. i just dont like the two big cans stickin out of the back. i dont want anything real loud and obnoxious either. something internally baffled or something
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It also depends on the type of riding you like to do a sidewinder is useless in the turns 1/4 mile or for show only. As far as the Busa having Shorty pipe or pipes is really only good for looks you will have zero performance gain from the mod You might even give up a few HP They do sound cool though!You can go on do a search for what you are looking for and the pics you want to see should be there It's the motorheads site. No pun intended TWF!!!!:twfrox:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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