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Hi Im Darth Quagmire. Not only leader of the imperial forces but a newbie to the forum. AND to riding. So My lady left me (and came back after 2 months of me missing her) I decided id do something impulsive. SO i impulisvly bought a 2005 kawasaki zxr 636. So i didnt know how to ride, i never had ridin a motorcycle, so my friend rode it home for me and it sat in my living room for a month while i waited to take the MSF course. So one weekend I took it and did really well and then got my licnecse. Rode around the neighborhood for a week or 2 and then been out on the roads ever since. 450 miles saw my first oilchange, 600 miles i dropped it. I didnt hold the clutch in all the way and it hopped on a curb and was leaning, to heavy to save it. I started putting my leg underneath it to save it. (kelli) thats the bikes name. She fell on me and broke her back brake pedal. Got it fixed and 800 miles i got a flat, bought a new tire. Now im at 960 miles. Yup thats the history of my motorcycle experiance.
Now im on my neverending machine accross the galaxy to find new friends to ride with and hang out. So if your in the nasville tenneessee area, let me know and maybe we can go ride around sometime. I have SO fallen for kelli. theres nothing i like to do more then ride her.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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