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Looking for new games!

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Hey guys and galls; :here:
Looking for new games!
I am wondering what is the best bike game you have played or know of, and what platform it is on.
I love Road Rash but, it is old and graphics suck!
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GSXR750DJ said:
What game system do you have or are you talking about for the computer??
The question is for any or all systems!
I run Windows XP on my PC and have PS2.
Thinking of the X Box but, not yet.
Pigface1 said:
The Moto GP games on PS2 are good.

If you're going to play online, see if there's a new Motocross Madness. You can d/l add-on tracks, etc.

Right now I just play NCAA 2005 Football, NFL 2K5, and various other sports games on PS2.

There's a new Ghost Recon out on the PC if you like realistic shooters and not the death match sort of blow everything up games.
I was referring to Street bike games or race games such as Moto GP.
I have the first one rented the 2ed (not impressed), wondering about the 3ed.

As far as shooter games;
I am a big fan of Resident Evil (all) and like games.

This post is directed more to finding some new Bike games.
Thx DJ :dthumb:

I just ordered Crescent Suzuki Racing.

Most to all the rest I new about.

There just doesn't seam to be a big choice for street bikes in the gamers world.
I guess all the potential game designers are out riding there bikes instead of making some program for a game. :lol:
GP was cool!
GP 2 wasn't any better, so I never bought it!
I haven't played 3 yet.

As for San Andreas, I have played it.
Its on my to get list.
My PS2 collects dust in the summer and wore out in the winter!
Its time to update my game collection.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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