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Looking for new games!

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Hey guys and galls; :here:
Looking for new games!
I am wondering what is the best bike game you have played or know of, and what platform it is on.
I love Road Rash but, it is old and graphics suck!
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The Moto GP games on PS2 are good.

If you're going to play online, see if there's a new Motocross Madness. You can d/l add-on tracks, etc.

Right now I just play NCAA 2005 Football, NFL 2K5, and various other sports games on PS2.

There's a new Ghost Recon out on the PC if you like realistic shooters and not the death match sort of blow everything up games.
Go to and read some reviews. Moto GP is the most realistic street bike game out there for a console.
If you're talking consoles, it's not. But, unleashed is dirt, Moto GP is GP circuits and a true sim.

On the PC for dirt, although it's a few years old, nothing still has touched Motocross Madness 2.
jeeps84 said:
I was referring to Street bike games or race games such as Moto GP.
I have the first one rented the 2ed (not impressed), wondering about the 3ed.

As far as shooter games;
I am a big fan of Resident Evil (all) and like games.

This post is directed more to finding some new Bike games.
Screw it, just get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. That way you can run all the bikes and kill people at the same time. :lol:

What didn't impress you about Moto GP? Some people don't like it b/c it's hard, but any sim will be like that. Adjust the settings until you learn how to play it better, there's no other console street bike game that touches it.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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