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No Worries said:
You don't need oxygen, but it is a good workout. You don't have to use the brakes much going up, but coming down, gravity adds a lot of speed. And those switchbacks are truly 15 MPH.

There's a lot of bicyclists who also ride it, so you have to ride in the outer tire track a lot. Going down, those bicyclists are crazy. They do 40 MPH on some curves with those skinny 7/8-inch tires. They are faster than the cars.

Last month, I took some guys from Texas on Lookout Mountain. On the CBR site, they said they were coming to Denver and asked if anyone knew any good roads. One guy went kind of slow because he was always looking over the edge. You do have to watch out for rocks and deer.
hhmm..yeah the whole rocks n deer thing could definately but a damper on your day :eek:

Yeah man, those bicycle riders have no fear, heck, around here, you can see em riding down busy roads right along with traffic in the right lane ..insert EEK smilie here.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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