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Billboards across La. to promote motorcycle awareness

By The Associated Press
Ten billboards promoting drivers' awareness of motorcyclists on Louisiana's roads will be placed along interstates in May, the state highway safety chief said Wednesday.
Sixty-three percent of crashes involving motorcycles in Louisiana are the fault of car and truck drivers, not bikers, said Col. James Champagne, head of the state Highway Safety Commission. Many of those crashes are caused by motorists inattentive to the presence of motorcyclists on the road, he said.

One billboard says: "Inattention Kills. Drive Aware. Motorcyclists Are Everywhere."

Champagne announced the campaign at a news conference with representatives from the state's motorcycling groups, many of whom opposed Champagne in his successful effort last year to have lawmakers change state law to require bikers to wear helmets.

Champagne stressed that average bikers do not fit the stereotype from 1950s motorcycle gang movies.

"Motorcyclists are our fellow Louisiana citizens ... they are mainstream Louisiana," he said. "And all they want is to ride their motorcycles with relative security while they are on the highway."

The billboards and a statewide campaign of radio advertisements, costing $50,000, were paid for by Champagne's commission.

Seventy-five motorcyclists were killed in Louisiana in highway accidents last year, Champagne said, down from 83 in 2003. The state has 105,000 registered motorcyclists.
Definately a good thing for us. Theres also a rally of some sort for this soon. If im free i'll check it out.

LaRiders heres the info: May 1st at the state capitol 1:00pm. Guest speakers/ media coverage. Open house at HD of BR on Siegn 2-4pm. refreshments etc.
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