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Louisiana Riders

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Anyone else from Louisiana here? Im outta Baton Rouge.
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WELL WELL WELL Lets make it 3 YES 3 Louisiana Riders hahaha. they are having a big bike shootout that we are going to on saturday. letrs us know if you wanna meet up. Gun :dupe: slinger You Suck ass!
HAHAHA so now lets show em what us Louisiana Boys is all about :whore:
yeah gunslinger. yall have to forgive him he is a retard. so anybody here goin to Road Atlanta?
yes it is work. i work hard everyday. :dupe: nobody wants your :2cents: jus kidding you Gunslinger. anyways im glad we found this site and hope we can meet up with some of you all. well for now im out of here :redmc:
the only reason you give me so much S*** is b/c me and kid are such good of friends and he dont like you

well he hung out alot in detroit b/c it was so close to Romeo. then he moved to new york to urther his carreer.
onme of his main inspires was the Beastie Boys. that was who inspired him right before he came out with "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast" in like 1990
1 - 11 of 36 Posts
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