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Louisiana Riders

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Anyone else from Louisiana here? Im outta Baton Rouge.
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Just moved

We just bought our first house a month ago. Just outside of Baton Rouge. I only wanted 2 things (a enclosed garage and fun roads) and the rest was up to my wife. I got both! The shortest distance between me and my job is thru back hwys and small towns winding along creeks and rivers YAY! Its working wonders on my chicken strips... :thumbs:

Since im the only La rider here and this thread is empty, ill post pics for myself when i get em. :)
Holy #@$^%#@$^@ another louisiana rider! That makes a whole TWO! Wassup Gun! I bought my bike in bogalusa.
MAkes four, i forgot about AirforceTeacher in Shreveport. I recognise yall from RM! I really need to check in there more often, i keep missing things.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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