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Louisiana Riders

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Anyone else from Louisiana here? Im outta Baton Rouge.
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the only reason you give me so much S*** is b/c me and kid are such good of friends and he dont like you

MAkes four, i forgot about AirforceTeacher in Shreveport. I recognise yall from RM! I really need to check in there more often, i keep missing things.
Well guns...that makes more sense that you and bowling are friends...

We just like to keep it cool and non-hostile here. I may not be a mod but being the :kind: :whore: kinda comes with some responsibility to help out!

Keep it cool....

Bowlingballcbr said:
the only reason you give me so much S*** is b/c me and kid are such good of friends and he dont like you


Dude what are you smoking :scratch: you and kid are not friends he would not be seen w/t you are you :crazy: HELLO :bash: :bonk: YOUR FULL OF :wbs: YOU NEED :help:
not even going to look at that photoshop :wbs:
Little trivia....

What city is Kid from?
Just checkin bowling.... most people don't know. What was one of his more known places to hang? (as far as cities)
Ok, so we've got 4 Louisiana riders on this board. Where is everyone? I'm new to Louisiana, so I don't recognize the names. I'm up in the Shreveport, the Noerthwest corner of the state.
well he hung out alot in detroit b/c it was so close to Romeo. then he moved to new york to urther his carreer.
He was also very well known to hang out in Taylor, MI cause that is where what's his face...the short guy....DAMMIT..brain fart.... anyway, that's where he was from.

Kid got his flava from many people... from george jones, willie nelson which can be heard on his last album...crap I think the list is long... which person were you referring to?

Also, what gives... why hasn't he put another album out..but this time it needs to ROCK!

Oh and this got :jacked: :sorry:
i thought he was like a rapper b4 he became popular. or am i nuts
onme of his main inspires was the Beastie Boys. that was who inspired him right before he came out with "Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast" in like 1990
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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